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88 rue Saint Denis - 75001 Paris

  • Nouvelles chambres, nouveau themes

    Las Vegas

  • Nouvelles chambres, nouveau themes

    Nevada Desert

  • Nouvelles chambres, nouveau themes

    Nouveau: le jacuzzi!

  • Nouvelles chambres, nouveau themes

    Nouveau: le hammam!

  • Nouvelles chambres, nouveau themes

    Jacuzzi et hammam

  • Love Night au love hotel

    Ouverture de 0h à 8h du matin

  • Bulles room du love hotel


  • Chambre Paris 3D

    Paris 3D

  • Chambre Donjon SM

    Le Donjon SM

  • le palais oriental - chambre love hotel

    Le Palais Oriental

  • Chambre suite infernale

    La Suite Infernale

  • Chambre Paradis Tentation du Love Hotel

    Paradis Tentation

  • le chateau des glaces du lovehotel

    Le Château des glaces

  • le royaume des miroirs du love hotel

    Le Royaume des miroirs

  • la case africaine du love hotel

    La Case Africaine

  • La cabine du capitaine

    La cabine du capitaine

  • le dojo japonais du love hotel

    Le dojo Japonais

  • la gondole Venitienne du love hotel

    La gondole Venitienne

  • Psychedelik room du love hotel

    Psychedelik room

  • Love Hotel à Paris

    Le Love Hotel disponible sur votre mobile et votre tablette

The Love Hotel is still growing !! To meet ever increasing demand by lovers wanting to escape to new horizons, the Love Hotel in Paris has opened three new themed rooms.

Candyland Kawaii, Polar and the Pirate Island, three completely different worlds for new, always exciting, adventures, in the only Love Hotel in the capital. These new rooms were created to put more spice in your relationship, to spice up your 5-7pm romantic trysts or to inflame your naughty lunch breaks.

So, take-off to new horizons, experience your wildest dreams and go to seventh heaven, in short, have fun and enjoy yourself as you ought to, in the new rooms of Love Hotel in Paris.

Nouvelles chambres du Love Hotel à Paris

Equipment and accessories in our Love Hotel

We provide you with the equipment and accessories needed to make your stay in the first Love Hotel de Paris magical and memorable!

  • The air conditioning
  • A big screen TV where you can watch the best adult film site,
  • Shower cubicles, providing you with towels, bathrobes, WC
  • Condoms and gel for your intimate relationships
  • Jack MP3 jack to listen to your own music

You can also enjoy other optional services for your love hotel: massage, sauna mixed, erotic shows ...

Presse, journaux, télévision qui parlent du love hotel

Themed rooms of the Love Hotel

Paris chambre 3d      

coeur logo love hotel paris

We doesn't try to act like a Love Hotel,

We are the LOVE HOTEL !!!


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